Gallery of Automata

Gallery of Automata

This website has a nice collection of 1700’s autonoma pictures


Henri Maillardet’s Draughsman-and-Writer
18th century engraving which inspired the Jaquet-Droz family
Cupid and butterfly and a portrait of Louis XV (Draughtsman)
Durand & Decamps – Professor Arcadius writing a sentance
Device of the Duck attributed to Vaucanson: the structure, weights, motor and wheel-work.
Drum with cogs directing the whole mechanism (Duck)
Detail of the Duck
The fourth Writer made by Friedrich von Knaus
The Jaquet-Droz Writer (1774), in the Neuchatel Museum
The Draghtsman by Jaquet-Droz (1774)
Mandolin. Snuff-box by Jaquet-Droz.
Clock with moving Chinese Characters amd waterfall, representing the Scared Mountain
Small musical clock with automata.
English calendar clock, with music and automata, made c.1740.

Little Girl at the Piano

Little Girl at the Piano

Lambert, c.1890.


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