Fred Abels; Dirk

Great Footage of Dirk at upbove link


Dirk the electric tramp
Dirk is a live size figure, reassembling a tramp, who walks behind his rattling shopping-trolley. Dirk is pushing the trolley, the mechanism in the trolley pulls the strings, the strings make Dirk walk pushing the trolley, a vicious circle…
Fabels has brilliantly succeeded in making dirk walk natural by using a lowtech system. The body is connected with only four strings to the mechanism almost like a marionette. At first sight the audience has the illusion they are dealing with a real human being, as the mechanism is more or less hidden between plastic bags and bottles. Most people don’t appreciate people like tramps and bagladys in there surroundings and are really confronted with there ideas the moment they realize Dirk is artificial. To watch the puzzled look on peoples faces is as interesting as Dirk himself. Dirk continues to evolve, he will be gaining more and more�uman qualities, maybe even smell….

Dirk is created in collaboration with Mirjam Langemeijer ‘Compagnie de Draak’.

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