The Bar Bot , A Beer Drinking Robot

Humanoid Robotics Laboratory

The Bar Bot is driven by self interest. Its aim is to drink beer. In order to achieve this goal in bars, the social beer consumption localities of human society, it also deals with money. It asks people for coins and spends them as soon as there is enough for a beer. The Bar Bot is not beneficial for humanity. Rather, it maximises the advantage for itself, like humanity. But to pursue its own, highly selfish objectives, it depends on others: somebody has to give it coins, somebody has to hand it a beer. This is where it engages in communication, in social interaction with human beings. The Bar Bot is driven by self interest, it interacts socially with humans and is predisposed to alcohol. The Bar Bot is probably the most humanoid robot ever built.


First prize for the Bar Bot in the category “Other Achievements in the Fields of Cocktail Robotics” at the Roboexotica Festival.

Annual Cocktail Robot Awards V8.0

Your robot is supposed to have skills in either one of the following categories:

1. serving cocktails
2. mixing cocktails
3. bartending conversation
4. lighting cigars/cigarettes …
5. other achievements in the sector of cocktail culture

Nominations will be gladly accepted until September 15th, 2006.


2 Responses to The Bar Bot , A Beer Drinking Robot

  1. nelwina says:

    Great job guys…

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