The machine project

Thomas Kvam and Frode Oldereid

The Machine 5.0 was constructed in 1999, for the DETOX exhibithion curated by Stahl Stenslie, after the initial exhibition at the contemporary art museum in Norway, the robotic installation/perfromance toured with the Norwegian Touring Exhibithions to all major museums in Norway for one and a half year.

After the Detox show, the Machine was not used for over 2 years. But late 2002 the Machine 5.0 was redesigned with new text, sound and back projections. The final result was a 25 min long performance.

The machine 6.0 perfromed alongside the big machine, as

The sound to the performance is composed and played back in surround sound, and six megaphones connected to sampler. The robots movements are controlled live through a special interface, enebling a thight chorecraphy with the music and the audience. During the perforrmance the Machines shifts identity from male to female.

Machine 5.0 1999.


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