Rube Goldberg

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A Rube Goldberg machine or device is any exceedingly complex apparatus that performs a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way. Rube devised and drew several such pataphysical devices. The best examples of his machines have an anticipation factor. The fact that something so wacky is happening can only be topped by it happening in a suspenseful manner. A Rube Goldberg machine usually has at least ten steps. One story about Rube Goldberg is that while sleep-walking barefoot in a cactus field, he screamed out an idea about a self-operating napkin.



4 Responses to Rube Goldberg

  1. Hey Wadox,
    I finally made it to have a look at your site. I have often been fascinated by the Rube Goldberg cartoons. I’m gonna go look thru the other posts now!

  2. Mr Speaker says:

    Ha ha! I was searching for rube goldberg on google images, and randomly clicked this link – damn small world is the ol’ internet!

  3. […] as everyone has begun setting various weekend plans into motion like so many Goldbergian “Self Operating Napkins“. First of all, and sadly the only cycling-related item of interest, the SECOND annual Night […]

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    I will likely be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

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