online e-journals, papers, catalogues

Townsend, M (2002). Sentient Circuitry: The Polemics of Artificial Life, Essay for the exhibition at Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre. 

Miranda, E. R. T., Vadim (2005). Musical Composition by Autonomous Robots: A Case Study with AIBO. Computer Music Research, Faculty of Technology, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Kac, E. (1997). "Foundation and development of robotic art." Art Journal 56(3): 60.

Demers, L.-P. B., Vorn (1995). "Real Artificial Life as an Immersive Media."

Bollen, J. (2006). "Dance for the new century." RealTine + OnScreen 72(April / May). Reveiw of ADT;s Devolution with L.P Demers.


Anne-Marie, D. (2006). Transmediale, festival for art and digital culture berlin, Exhibition; Smile machines.

Kapur, A. (2005). A history of robotic musical instruments. University of Victoria Music Intelligence and Sound Technology Interdisciplinary Centre (MISTIC).

ISHIGURO, H. (2005). Android Science, Toward a new cross-interdisciplinary framework -. Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University.


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