Nicolas Anatol Baginsky

May 2, 2006


1988 – 2001
A Family of autonomous handicapped robots.quasi4s1.jpg

Also creator of the three sirens and lots of other interesting works. 

The Three Sirens; A self learning robotic rock band

May 2, 2006

Originally, three robots formed the band The Three Sirens, those were Aglaopheme (slide guitar), Peisinoe (bass) und Thelxiepeia (drum). By now, a few other artificial intelligences have joined the group: Aciilyzer (Vocals), LynxArm (Percussion) and some “off the shelf” electronic instruments.
The Three Sirens are not conventional musical instruments but autonomous, self learning robot musicians. They are not controlled by humans. Artificial neural networks control every aspect of the robot’s activities. This means that the authorship for their music does not belong to any living being (no predefined material or musical knowledge is available to the system), all musical material is generated by self organizing learning processes in an improvising manner.