Devolution in Sydney

January 24, 2007

I saw Devolution last night at the Carriage works and felt quite invigorated afterwards, an excellent sound score, intense dance and great robotics. I especially liked the walker bots and the attached to the body bots. The tethers of all bots hindered the potential for autonomy which is obviously still a long way off. Most of the bots crossed the line from clunky luna park rides to realistic organic creations, particularly the desending worm bot, a mechanical incarnation of the spice hoarders of Dune. There were alot of flimic refferences, the daners wore costums like Mad Max 3 and had that post – apocalyptic vibe. I was lucky enough to have a back stage tour with L.P. Demers afterwards who explained each component was controlled via a single computer running Max, except for the larger walker bots which are remote controllled. The bots are all peumatic and the air is sought from a large compresser, they also use alot of DMX units for the lights and sliding rails in the roof for the swarm bots and the box/light bots. Although dance is not usually my thing the combination of robots and dancers worked to ADT’s advantage. One thing that was slightly annoying was the event sheduling , dance then bots, video, body bots then everything on stage at the end for the climactic finale – more bots less dance i say! recommended veiwing, a wadox 4 1/5 stars.


spy cam by N.Mariette