Wade Marynowsky, Autonomous Improvisation v.1, April – May 2007, Artspace Sydney.

April 22, 2007

Autonomous Improvisation v1, installation shot, left to right, Singing Sadie, Toydeath.
Autonomous Improvisation v1, installation shot, left to right, Jim Denley, Robbie Avenaim, Trash Vaudeville.

Autonomous Improvisation v.1
, is a video anthology of some of Sydney’s most infamous solo musicians and performers. The work analyses a range of performance approaches from burlesque to sound art by recording artists in the same studio configuration. The performances happening only for the camera are then reconfigured in the gallery. A prepared pianola is linked to a network of computers and is programmed to orchestrate the video sequences, creating an ever-changing composition. This is presented via three-channels of audio–visual projection. Through non-determinist re-composition, the work questions if it is possible for improvisation to be programmed, or if this is simply a paradoxical endeavor. Furthermore Autonomous improvisation v1 asks us to consider why autonomous systems are uncanny and what is significant about the emergent patterns that arise within these systems.

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