2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

June 15, 2007

header_icra07.gifThe Papers are now online for the full Day Workshop on Roboethics
Rome, 14 April 2007


some interesting reading

for example

R. C. Arkin
Lethality and Autonomous Robots: An Ethical Stance

D. Levy
Robot Prostitutes as Alternatives to Human Sex Workers
more on the above link


NIME 2007 – Special Workshop on Music & Robotics

June 12, 2007


Damm i missed it, but thanks thanks to Somaya Langley we have some pics – for more see


New Interfaces for Musical Expression

NIME 2007 included a special focus on Music & Robotics. Events related to this theme include a keynote speech by Trimpin, a workshop with several noted luminaries in the world of Music & Robotics, a series of LEMUR concerts (as part of the NY Electronic Arts Festival), and the solicitation of conference papers related to Music & Robotics.

Special Workshop on Music & Robotics with

Jacques RĂ©mus
Godfried-Willem Raes
Gordon Monahan
Eric Singer


Godfried-Willem Raes


jacques hammer instrument (a single component) from a installation of many 537449603_c0bcfeb3b7.jpg

castinets playing steve reich’s clapping music… looks to be a LEMUR project…

hmmm, hope some papers are published soon.