I went to the Daniel Langlois Foundation today and was greeted by Vincent and Alexander who printed out a bibliography of robotic art references that they have in their catalogue, Nice! They have a large library collection of media artists monographs, exhibition catalogues, books, and media etc. One particular article, which stood out is Hot to Bot by Edward A. Shanken published online at NeMe.

NeMe is a non profit, non government, non sponsored, Cyprus registered association founded in November 2004. NeMe works on various platforms which focus on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts.

Hot to Bot by Edward A. Shanken intro below

Pygmalion’s Lust, the Maharal’s Fear, and the Cyborg Future of Art

“The idea that non-living matter could be used to invoke, influence, and emulate living beings is probably as old as human life itself. Over thousands of years this concept has become deeply ingrained in the human imagination as a locus of desires and fears about the future; and about the role of art and technology in forming it. In reviewing some of this history, I shall focus on, for lack of a better term, the moral of the story; in other words, what prevailing attitudes towards robots and other surrogate beings at a certain place and time tell us about the values of that culture.”


One Response to NeMe

  1. Peter Allen says:

    Excellent resource. Thanks for sharing. Although their Hot to Bot text is indeed superb, there are also texts there by Erkki Huhtamo, Steve Diets, Christiane Paul and my favourite, Sean Cubitt to name but a few.

    Their sitemap was a revelation of seminal texts to me. Find it on

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