Tesla – father of robotics etc etc etc

I have, once again became obsessed again with the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla. This was fueled by reading Empires of light : Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the race to electrify the world, JONNES, J. (2003) New York, Random House, i Also recently visited Niagara falls. Niagara, is the site of the first hydro – electric power plant. The system uses an Alternating Current polyphase induction motor invented by Tesla and implemented by George Westinghouse. The power station was the first of its kind because it travelled the distance of 28 miles to the town of Buffalo 1896, powering electric lighting and street cars etc. Tesla is called the father of robotics because of his invention of Remote control 1898. He also wished to create an automate of himself, harness free energy for everyone for free, hence his other title, father of free energy, or ‘the man who invented the twentieth century’.



Also check out Secret of Nikola Tesla – The Movie (Tajna Nikole Tesle) (1980)



2 Responses to Tesla – father of robotics etc etc etc

  1. axinia says:

    Tesla was awesome…and still almost unknown…

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