November 10, 2007

A festival for cocktail robots, Nov 22nd-25th, 2007, Vienna. 


the festival that brought us the great bar bot

Talking Robots podcasts

November 7, 2007

Talking Robots is a series of podcasts featuring interviews with high-profile professionals in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for an inside view on the science, technology, and business of intelligent robotics.

I am particularly into the interview about Energy Autonomy by Chris Melhuish.

Whether for your iPod or robot, we all crave for a better energy autonomy. Batteries, solar panels and gas tanks are the usual, but what if machines could digest bugs or waste to get on the move? Chris Melhuish presents the fly-eating EcoBot, artificial gills for underwater robots and the technology behind Microbial Fuel Cells. The question now is whether these robots will be begging for food or capable of autonomously foraging for it in their environment (SlugBot). So… why don’t we have humanoids sitting in our restaurants yet?

EcoBot 111

Chris Melhuish, is the director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory at the University of Bristol and the West of England in the UK.

Automated Caveman Gets a Rear-End Drive (Jan, 1964)

November 6, 2007

Interesting futuristic nostalgia from the blog 


Despite his wide-open situation, the caveman on the preceding page is feeling no pain.

No.1 is alive

November 6, 2007


Here are some pics of my mobile robot prototype built at Hexagram. It uses 2 ultrasonic range finders and an IR sensor to navigate space (control 2 planetary gear motors via 2 MD03 motor controllers via an Arduino + code). I also started an IR homing system (like a remote control); an IR transimitter, receivers and a battery level monitoring circuit. The plan is that when the battery is low No.1 will go to the recharge station or in this case the IR transmitter. It kinda worked but the range of the IR is limited and i need better knowledge of C++ for precise navigation. No.1 is a tuff little critter that can push about wheeled bins and light chairs.


The docking circuit came from this site.