Tinguely museum


I visted the Tinguely museum in Basel last week and was blown away by the scale and inventivness of the works. Tinguely is one of the most significant machine artists and a father of robotic art. My favorite pieces were ‘Méta Harmonie’ and ‘Alter’.slide0015_image066.jpg1970, “Méta Harmonie IV – Fatamorgana”



3 Responses to Tinguely museum

  1. […] and is full of fantastic and unique examples of the aesthetic (like Karakuri ningyo), links to Machine art, and also references to uncanny […]

  2. […] all this while making his work playful, humorus and emoting a sense of wonder which is timeless. Click here for some cool video of Tinguely sculptures I warmed this one up with a yellow glaze This might be done, Green Ice I want to create depth in […]

  3. […] The mysterious, fabled art machine? (Image of “Méta Harmonie IV – Fatamorgana”, via Mary Nowsky @ WordPress) […]

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