mmmm mobile TV bot

February 29, 2008 


The machine lab are makers of platforms and custom bots for the right price$$.
i cant believe there is only one robot parts reseller in Australia
if any one can prove me wrong please let me know, looking for motors, wheels, old electric wheelchairs,  etc etc.

Retro Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors by Douglas Self

February 29, 2008


Written by Douglas Self:

This remarkable picture may have been reproduced before, but I make no apology for showing it here. The impressive array of Japanese war-tubas belong to at least two acoustic locators mounted on 4-wheel carriages. It is a little difficult to work exactly what is connected to what, not least because the background appears to have been erased by some unsubtle retouching, but I think that the format is the same as the British model; there are two horns in a horizontal plane, and on one side of the mounting there are two more in a vertical plane.

To the right, one of the figures is the Japanese emperor Horohito. Behind him are the AA guns intended to be used in conjunction with the locators. The only Japanese gun that I have found documented as being used with a sound locator is the Type 88 dual-purpose AA/coast-defence 75mm; there is not enough visible detail to verify that these are the guns shown in the picture, but they look about the right size.

douglas irving repetto

February 20, 2008

To follow up on the last post, it is fitting that i snip from Rhizome’s post on the man who started Dorkbot;

Douglas Repetto is a legend in New York City, where he has fostered a thriving electronic music and new media community. He is founder of the Dorkbot discussion series (which now has local branches around the world), the ArtBots Robot Talent Show, and Organism, a collective of people “making art with living systems.” By day, he is Director of Research at Columbia University’s famous Computer Music Center, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to live down the glory of being deemed “sexiest geek” by Wired. But all of Repetto’s accolades and extracurricular activities unfold from his position as a respected artist whose captivating installations appear deceptively simple, only to convey complex sonic experiences. Next week, the UB Art Gallery, in Buffalo, NY, will unveil two new installations by Repetto which “revel in madcap interactivity and DIY technologies.” The first, action at a distance (2008) picks up and runs with Repetto’s knack for making the ramshackle poetic. With materials that include “a bewitching tangle of motors and pulleys, zigzags of rope, an otter theater, jangling! bells, fireflies, switches, breath activators, and rough steel,” the pieces ensnare visitors as actors–or perhaps reverse, wireless marionettes–their gestures triggering amplified sounds and the movements of the ropes and motors. everything, all at once (2008) is similarly immersive, with hundreds of mirrors, motors, bells, and lights pulsing in response to the enveloped visitor. Repetto’s work is a great example of how masters of the classical arts of music composition and sculpture are using new media to push their work into an interactive realm. – Marisa Olson


improvised kinetic installation, found organic materials, electro-junk, motors, wire, video, monitors, projections, video cameras, (2007).


February 19, 2008


“people doing strange things with electricity”

This month we are proud to have guest curator Wade Marynowsky who will also be presenting. Details are as follows:

Monday February 25th, 19:00 for a 19:30 start at Sydney (302 Cleveland St)
Featuring: Kate Richards with Mr Snow, Mari Velonaki and Wade Marynowsky.


February 19, 2008

I saw Dave Rodgers today (best known for his work Re-engineering an Earthquake Simulator) and he recommend i check out orb swarm. I am glad i did, they have a great video here

from the blog

As Dave says its a good time to visit or move to the SF Bay area…hmmm