Near Future Arts Lab

July 4, 2008

I visited the Near Future arts lab in Sapporo yesterday and we arranged a date for a new video work. Near Future are a group of performance artists and tech wizards who have created the robot Kinbi.

The robot makes friends with the audience by shaking their hand and speaking to them. It then displays the friend count data on its screen. The group perform in lab coats and welding masks. They do not speak to the audience directly but through the robot and keyboards. The have performed the Rising sun rock festival and many events in Sapporo.

In another work they cook 2 minute noodles inside hardening concrete. They then break open the cement to eat the noodles, Wacky geeks! They are working on there English text for world domination. Look out for them in your neighbourhood.

Here they are on TV performing with household objects to create a painting.