Classic Automata Film

September 26, 2009

top 12 videos of creepy automata
There is nothing more creepy than the charred remains of a moth eaten victorian doll with rolling eyes and moving limbs. That is the premise for the Oobject’s Halloween list, videos of the most creepy automata in action.


The Hosts

September 8, 2009


The Hosts: A Masquerade Of Improvising Automatons extends Wade Marynowsky’s development of custom-built robotics and interactive, performative media. In this installation, Marynowsky explores roboticist Masahiro Mori’s theory outlined in The Uncanny Valley (1970), which suggests that in designing humanoid robots one should not aim for total human likeness, but for an alternative to an uncanny appearance.

Media artist/artistic director; Wade Marynowsky, Electrical engineer; Aras Vaichas, Programmer; Jeremy Apthorp, Lighting; Mirabelle Wouters Costume; Sally Jackson, Photos; Garth Knight.

14 August – 12 September 11am – 5pm (Tues – Sat) and evenings, 6:00 -8:00pm when Performance Space has other events on. Performance Space at the Carriage Works, 245 Wilson Street, Sydney.

Joueuse de Tympanon – automate

September 8, 2009